Does This Really Work?
Don't you hate it when your set out to do you pile of laundry and you realize you have no fabric softener? Here's a helpful tip, to show you how to use aluminum foil in place of it and find out "Does this work?"
DIY Solar Eclipse Viewer
The eclipse is finally here. It's too late to find free glasses to see the it, good thing a few items around your house can be turned into an eclipse viewer.
What D.I.Y. Projects Send Illinoisans to Google For Help?
Maybe you're an expert Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kind of person. You know, the sort of individual that just has the skill to handle any and all projects. The sort of person who snorts when someone says "I Googled how to do ________." Or, maybe you're like me (and millions of others like me) who head straight for the world's foremost authority on everything to help you when you can't make head
DIY Reindeer Wreath
This cute reindeer wreath can be done with only a few supplies and a  couple easy steps. Even the most craft-challenged people can pull this off, I promise.

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