University of Illinois

VIDEO: Illinois Gymnast Sticks Landing & Flashes Vaccination Card
Things you can flex with in 2021 - your vaccination card.
I knew that a COVID-19 vaccination card would become incredibly important to hold on to. I figure it will be like your driver's license or passport. But I didn't realize it would become a sort of bragging rights...
U of I's Ayo Dosunmu Named National Player of The Year
I'm so proud to be a University of Illinois Alumni. But to be honest, it's not usually because of our awesome sports reputation.
Except for this year baby! University of Illinois basketball is absolutely killing it on the court. One player is making headlines across America - Ayo Dosunmu...
Space X Commander Is A University of Illinois Grad
Crew commander Mike Hopkins, 51, is an Air Force colonel and former space station resident who grew up on a hog and cattle farm in Missouri. He played football for the University of Illinois and, before becoming an astronaut in 2009, worked at the Pentagon.

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