You know what I love about Rockford? It's progressive; I love when city officials, lawmakers, law enforcement and citizens can come together and do some forward thinking.

That's why I hope the Forest City's Resident Officer Program is a success. The goal of the program, according to the Rockford Register Star, is to reduce crime in high-crime areas by having a police officer work closely with Rockford residents to find solutions to the neighborhood's issues by actually having them live in those neighborhoods.

The officer will live in the home for three to five years, rent free; and will have to pay their own utilities. (If you just said, "must be rough to live in a house rent free," remember that these officers pay a far higher price for what they do to protect and serve our community; you can't compare the cost of your life to a $700 rent payment.)

Additionally, the officer chosen will be totally accessible to residents; from giving out their cell phone number and going door-to-door, they will be completely immersed in this neighborhood's culture.

No more worries about witnesses not coming forward and no more fear because the police will be right there when a problem happens. Think it will work?

Would you like to see more photos of the house? Check them out on Zillow here.


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