If you thought you couldn't love Target anymore than you do now, they just announced you can make returns to their Illinois locations without getting out of your car!

During Lent, I make it my goal not to shop at Target or make any unnecessary, impulse purchases.  If I need anything, I would order online for in-store pickup, since it's at the entrance, so I limited myself to how far I could walk into the store.

Like millions of others, this store has a chokehold on me, okay!!!

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Anyway, Target rolled out a brand new service that's a major game changer in how we make returns!  I don't even have to take my seatbelt off to make a return, it's even more convenient now.

Convenient! Target Drive-Up Returns Available in All Illinois Stores

Of course, you make get your online orders brought out to your vehicle.  That's just one of many services they now offer at all Illinois Target locations!

"Target is making shopping even easier for guests with the option to make product returns right from their cars using Returns with Drive Up — for no charge."

The exact same way you would pull into a stall and tap your vehicle make and vehicle color, you do the exact same way for a return!  It's so easy and the service is FREE TO USE!


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Go to any Illinois Target location and you'll be able to make a return at the one of your choosing.  Other than Illinois, here's a list of the other states who rolled out the 'Returns with Drive Up' service:

  • Colorado   
  • Idaho   
  • Illinois   
  • Indiana  
  • Iowa 
  • Kansas   
  • Michigan   
  • Minnesota
  • Montana   
  • Nebraska   
  • North Dakota   
  • Ohio  
  • South Dakota    
  • Wisconsin   
  • Wyoming

These states only have select locations available with the new service:

  • Kentucky *   
  • Missouri *   
  • Oklahoma *  
  • Utah *  
  • Washington * 
  • West Virginia *  

So, next time you need to do a return at Target and on a time crunch or just don't feel like getting out of your car because you look bummy, remember you can now use their Drive-up Return feature!

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