The lawsuit brought against Taylor Swift by radio DJ David "Jackson" Mueller has been thrown out.

On Friday afternoon (August 11), the judge presiding over the case determined that Swift "did not act improperly" by reporting Mueller's alleged groping back in 2013, and declared that there was insufficient evidence that the pop star was at all responsible for Mueller's firing from KYGO-FM.

Swift's countersuit against Mueller in the amount of $1 million for assault and battery still stands and will be continued on Monday, August 14.

"Having two daughters, a son, a wife of 32 years, I couldn't be more proud to represent someone like Taylor Swift who is willing to step up in a situation like this," Swift's attorney, Doug Baldridge, shared with Entertainment Tonight.

"And I am grateful to say to Judge Martinez, to the marshals, to the people of Denver for getting the law right," he added.

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