Temu, the popular online shopping site known for having the cheapest deals on the internet, is facing a class action lawsuit in Illinois.  Let's find out why.

When Temu first got popular, I remember everyone going NUTS over the prices and had a fear of missing out on items less than "essential".  Amazon couldn't even compete with Temu's fast shipping or extremely low-low prices.

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Over the past year, Temu averages roughly 30 million new downloads every month and it's considered the #1 shopping app on the App Store and Play Store.

What is Temu & Why Is It So Popular?

They really popped off in 2022 when they were first revealed to the world.  Temu is an online shopping store that offers just about anything you're looking for.  From furniture, to pet supplies, to clothing, electronics, and everything you could possibly need in this world, Temu has it.

It was just a matter of time before the popular retailer got hit with a lawsuit of some sort.  Who would have guessed Illinois would be on the other end of it?!

Whoa! Why Is Temu Facing Class-Action Lawsuit In Illinois?

In Illinois, there is a Class Action Lawsuit against Temu over data privacy concerns.

"The lawsuit alleges Temu violates its customer's privacy rights by collecting private data and using "deceptive" and "unscrupulous" practices to access that data." [cbsnews]

According to the Plaintiffs' lawyers in the case, their experts reviewed the Temu App and discovered that the app itself was "purposefully and intentionally loaded with tools to execute virulent and dangerous malware and spyware activities on user devices".

Therefore, Temu supposedly has been misleading people about how their data is actually used.  Temu came forward and stated they do not sell customer data to third parties.

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This isn't the first time a company has been part of a class action lawsuit for data privacy concerns and definitely won't be the last.  To read about the entire Class-Action Lawsuit against Temu v. Illinois, check out all the details here.

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