While I would never dream of riding this on an interstate highway, that doesn't mean someone else wouldn't. There's always a reason laws like this exist, someone might be dumb or desperate enough to do it.

Illinois Vehicle Code

I don't know everything contained in the state of Illinois vehicle code, do you? I should've asked my daughter, who has only had her driver's license for two years if she had to know it all.

It's been too long for me to remember, but this message from the Illinois State Police about the laws of what you can and can not ride on the interstate and its shoulders would never have to be delivered to most of us because I don't think we'd be so reckless with the life we've been given.

Have you ever seen a law, code, or ordinance that makes you wonder why we need it?

In this driver's side-view mirror is the reason we have to have a law about what you can ride on the interstate

NBC 5 Chicago
NBC 5 Chicago

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Illinois State Police had a message for anyone biking on interstate highways like this cyclist, according to NBC 5 Chicago.

Illinois State Trooper Jayme Bufford said,

NBC 5 Chicago
NBC 5 Chicago

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"Riding/walking on the shoulder is illegal on all interstates. It is a violation of the Illinois Vehicle Code and can be found here."

The next thing Trooper Bufford said is what I mean when I use words like "dumb" and "reckless."


"There is no protection available to you as a pedestrian, a person riding a bike is in the same peril."

If you ever see a pedestrian on the interstate you really should call 9-1-1.

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