I get so incredibly excited for the Rockford Airfest every year.  I was crushed when it was cancelled last year.  Very few things bring me to 'chills down my spine' like Airfest, except that one time I was one of THEM!

Hard to believe that it's been almost 2 years since I crossed this item off my Bucket List and I still remember every moment like it was yesterday. I remember, my friend & pilot Jeff Kaney saying,

"we aren't going to crash but if something happens, pull that red lever and I will turn the jet on its side and you & your automatic-opening parachute will just fall out."


Jeff Kaney & Steve Shannon
(L) Jeff Kaney, Kaney Aerospace | Steve Shannon

Leaving the ground and flying straight up, feeling G's, racing around the clouds, flying over my house and racing down my street at freakishly high speeds... that one time I felt like I was "Top Gun"... was INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Steve "Top Gun" Shannon
Thumbs Up... No Fear (lie) | Steve Shannon

Wanna go to Rockford Airfest for FREE this year?

Post-flight High
Back on the ground.... and speechless! | Steve Shannon

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