Back in the 1940's there was a man in Matoon, IL that was known as the "Mad Gasser." This story is still "clouded" with mystery, but the legend of this tragedy is mind blowing.

First off, check out this video to set the smelly table:

So why would a man do this? Why would someone attempt to kill everyone in the small town of Mattoon, IL?

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon (also known as the "Anesthetic Prowler," the "Phantom Anesthetist," or simply the "Mad Gasser") was the name given to the person or people believed to be responsible for a series of apparent gas attacks that occurred in Mattoon, Illinois, during the mid-1940s. - Mad Gasser Wikipedia 

Now there are some weird, "alien-like" conspiracy theories, seriously. Some people believe that it wasn't a local resident, and that it was a being from another planet that was on earth to destroy us.


The longer a story continues with no hard proof of guilt, the stories get more and more strange. Double T's name was actually mentioned in the death of  The Notorious B.I.G.

Bad Boy

But anyway, this creep was on a mission and he did some serious damage to Mattoon, IL. The "Mad Gasser's" victims reported smelling strange odors inside their homes. Ater the smell came all the trouble...paralysis of the legs, getting violently ill with coughing, nausea and vomiting. No deaths were actually reported but a lot of people had terrible reactions.

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