If you've got a certain type of nostalgia for classic American fast foods, you know you love the McDonald's McRib.

The McRib has more than just nostalgia, it's an event for people who love to eat food.

That's why there's socially distanced dancing in the streets today because the McRib is returning to not only Rockford but nationwide for the first time in 8 years.

The McRib has been brought back often but McDonald's usually doesn't make it a nationwide thing.

Sp starting December 8, and for a limited time, you'll be able to find a McRib at every McDonald's restaurant in the Rockford area.

Despite the worldwide pandemic, sales at McDonald's remain strong with CNBC saying they've risen by almost 5% in the third quarter.

After a rough spring for McDonald's and nearly every other business in the US, there's been a big rally. There should be no reason to believe that things will get even better for McDonald's going forward.

There are 12 McDonald's locations in Rockford and I have a feeling people in town and everywhere else want a McRib. I know I do. Now if McDonald's can bring back the Super Hero Burger.

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