What's in a headline, everything people. Standing 6'3, filled with pure anger and the WANT to destroy everyone in his path, Dick Butkus was an NFL player that terrified the opponent. There are moments in this highlight video package, that you watch players "try" to avoid him. and them collapse on the sidelines as the result of getting hit.

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Dick Butkus was a player that never took a play off, and each snap was a chance to hurt someone. Oh how the NFL game has changed. Players today have a union, share the same agents, and look forward to off season trips to someplace tropical with one another.

The stories about Dick Butkus on the field are pretty unbelievable. Running backs for the opposing team asking him out loud to "take it easy," or Dick TELLING them what damage was coming their way...and then doing it.


I think what makes this video even more special, it is set to "Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild." Pretty perfect, don't you think?

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Is the Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus, the greatest NFL linebacker ever? Watch this three minute video package, and you tell me.

Whew, what a rush! It that doesn't get you hyped for the upcoming NFL/Chicago Bears season I don't know what will! Now we won't get this type of action out of the current Chicago Bears linebackers, but we can dream.

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