Rockford has opened up plenty of new stores and restaurants in 2017, but one familiar spot is still missing.

The lack of a 7-Eleven in Rockford is mystifying. Even more absurd, there are only three 7-Eleven stores around the Rockford area, all of which are located in Belvidere.

So we're probably holding out for nothing. Since there doesn't appear to be any kind of magical Slurpee or Big Gulp machine ready to drop out of the sky and set up shop in Rockford, all we can do is dream.

However, there might be a small glimmer of hope. 7-Eleven announced last week they are rolling out a delivery service.

Is there a chance we might not need a 7-Eleven in Rockford at all? Will 7-Eleven bring a Coke Slurpee straight to our doorstep?

Who knows. Delivery at the moment is only being "tested" in Dallas, Texas with hopes to expand to more locations next year.

If they expand on delivery and if by chance, which by the way is a massive IF, Rockford is included in the delivery radius, Rockford residents will all be saying "Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven."

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