Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day and there are at least three big reasons you should get to the polls. 

Welcome to November, where the two biggest days of the month are about stuffing you face with food and hopefully stuffing the ballot box.

I don't meant that in the way you think... stuffing.... as in voting more than once a person or cheating but I do mean it in the way of the ballot boxed should be fully stuffed with as many voters contributing to the Mid-term elections as are elligible.

Let's be real, I didn't know how important the non Presidential election was until my 30s. It wasn't something I was taught much about in high school or college. We're raised to think voting for the President is the most important voting we'll ever do... until you grow up and realize that while the President may seem like he (or maybe, hopefully, someday she...) has the biggest role in the government, the rest of the law makers are pretty darn important too, if not more.

So that's reason #1 to vote tomorrow, because this election is just as important as the presidential election.

What are the other two reasons?

#2 is a biggie... you should vote BECAUSE YOU CAN. That is something I did learn about when I was growing up. That plenty of people did not have the right to vote for a long time inlcuding women, so ladies (and gentlemen), use your power to vote and VOTE.

Finally, and least important, if you vote, you can score a ton of frebies mostly food. So why not participate in your American right to vote and also get free cheesecake. 

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