A mystery unraveled right in front of my eyes yesterday while using the I-90 exit ramp.

I don't use the ramp very often so I have no idea as to how long it's been down but the "Welcome To Rockford" sign is now missing.

What happened? Who knows? Did it fall down while the construction crew across the street knocked down the old Clocktower? Is something else happening? Are we in line for a new "Welcome to Rockford" sign? I guess we'll have to wait.

One thing I can't wait on is how awful it is going right/east on East State Street while this construction is happening.

Is there a worse or more dangerous turn in Rockford? You've got a cement median on your right and vehicles roaring down 20 coming out of Belvidere.

When's the last time you shoulder checked so far you felt like you were the little kid in The Exorcist? Because that's what it feels like when using the East State Street exit ramp?

If you have any idea what's going on with the sign or when they'll be done working on the merge lane off the East State Street exit ramp, let us know.

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