When the Cheez-It people give you a chance to "play with pros" they mean basketball and not graphic design.

That's because graphic design pros had nothing to do with what's happening on the back of this weird Cheez-It box.

Yes, there's a guy on the back of the box, wearing a pretty rad Cheez-It jersey dunking a basketball to apparently nowhere. I mean, the basketball rim is in the upper left hand corner.

Also, what's up with the arrow pointing at his stomach? Are they pointing out the wrinkly Cheez-It jersey?

There is so much wrong with this graphic, however it didn't ruin the enjoyment of eating those tasty cheddar crackers.

Long story short, it doesn't matter what's on the box (or for that matter the back) it's about what's inside that really counts.

I can live with the graphic blunders as long Cheez-It's continue to stay delicious.

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