We're not exactly sure what's going here, but we have a pretty good idea. What do you think the story is with these photos?

About a month ago, I joined a public Facebook group called, ILLINOIS Abandoned Images.

"The beauty in the old, simplicity, the forgotten, is something to be cherished and never forgotten. It tells our story and we must listen.

People share photos of Illinois' abandoned houses, farms, commercial buildings, and just about anything else that we've just ignored and left behind. I've lost quite a bit of time looking at some pretty remarkable photos. The only rule for being a part of this group, besides acting like a respectable adult, appears to be that you don't share (or ask) for addresses.

Over the weekend, one member shared a couple photos of this Oldsmobile 442 that was just left behind. The stories that muscle car could tell... if cars could talk. I'd like to know the story of how a tree just grew right through it. At some point, you'd think the owner would say, "damn, there's a tree growing through my 442, I've got to move her." But that clearly didn't happen. And, why is it still there? It's not like that tree just grew that big overnight.

ILLINOIS Abandoned Images (Troy Shepard)
ILLINOIS Abandoned Images (Troy Shepard)

What do you think the story might be?

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