Wanna live to be in your 90s? Change your name to Betty White.

We all know Betty White the actress. She's sweet and funny and super old but still awesome. She's currently 95 and is from Illinois.

But, she's not the only awesome Betty White in her 90s with ties to IL, nope, I found another one.

Meet the slightly younger, Betty White.

This Betty just turned 90 earlier this week and after her granddaughter, Holly, posted about her birthday on Instagram, I had to know more about her.

I mean, how many Betty Whites do you know?

Our new Betty has three children and four grandchildren. She was married to her husband for over 50 years before he passed in 2009.

While she's originally from Missouri, she currently lives in Robinson, Illinois.

Holly Baker on Facebook
Holly Baker/Facebook

She says the secret to her longevity is 'hard work,' but I also think it's her love for coffee, animal print and her traveling performing singing group, 'The Singing Seniors.'

Sidenote: She's 90 and on Facebook, too.

Happy Birthday to our new Betty White! I want to see you in animal print on your 100th!

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