This question came up the other day..."I wonder if there are any other cities LIKE Rockford?" Now, this comes with many strings attached. What was the real question here. "Like" Rockford, Illinois. Size wise? Taco Bell lovers? An incredible Classic Rock Radio Station? That question is a broad paint brush stroke for sure.

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What about just the NAME, "Rockford?" I've heard of Rockford, Michigan before...But honestly that's about it. Boy was my mind blown when I heard the actual number.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

There are at least TWENTY cities named Rockford across the country. Say, what? I've also read things online that say that there are 10 different cities names Rockford. Wait...

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According to Geo there are sixteen, that this site knows of. So which is it? 20, 16, 10??? Is there anything REALLY LIKE "our" Rockford? Um, hell no.


So here's a list of states with a city named Rockford:


  • Rockford, Alabama
  • Rockford, Iowa
  • Rockford, Idaho
  • Rockford Bay, Idaho (two in Idaho?)
  • Rockford, Illinois
  • Rockford, Indiana
  • Rockford, Kansas
  • Rockford, Michigan
  • Rockford, Minnesota
  • Rockford, Missouri
  • Rockford Beach, Missouri
  • Rockford, North Carolina
  • Rockford, Nebraska
  • Rockford, Ohio
  • Rockford, Oregon
  • Rockford, South Dakota
  • Rockford, Tennessee
  • Rockford, Texas
  • Rockford, Washington
  • Rockford, West Virginia

I count 20 there, including two in weird is that. Rockford is so nice, they named it twice?

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Unless some of these are fake, I wouldn't doubt it. Everyone wants to be Rockford, that's obvious.

Question, how many of these have a "Symbol?" Or a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame band from THEIR Rockford? Thought so.

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