There are a lot of special evenings in a woman's life- date night, movie night, family night, my favorite- the good night (as in it's time for bed), and of course, most importantly- girl's night. The one night a month, or every few weeks, that ladies can get together, drink wine, get wild and wake up with a hangover and a lengthy Snapchat story.  (I've seen some of your Snapchat stories and I don't know if you should be proud or ashamed. Kidding.)

As someone who is still relatively knew to the area, and with a girl's night of my own coming up this weekend, I had to get some ideas as to what to do and where to go. Apparently, because I'm on the radio, I'm a girl in the know and I was kindly asked to be the man with the master plan.

I got nothing, so I asked people like you where to go and what to do. This initially was focused on bars, but with a little help from Rockford Buzz, this turned into best places.

Here's what I came up with.

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