Just last year, California imposed a "Skittles ban" outlawing four different food additives that have been linked to fertility issues and cancer.

Now, Illinois is getting ready to join in by targeting various additives.

If passed, this could change the way your favorite snacks taste.


The list of additives that could be banned in Illinois includes:

  • Brominated Vegetable Oil
  • Potassium Bromate
  • Propyl Paraben
  • Red Dye 3
  • Titanium Dioxide

According to NPR, if the proposal passes, these additives will be banned from retail sales of food and beverages in Illinois by 2027.


The grocery items that include some of the proposed banned additives

Brominated Vegetable Oil is found in Sun Drop and other generic citrus-based drinks from Walmart, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree.

According to Eating Well, Potassium Bromate can be found in certain types of bagels, bread, crackers, doughnuts, English muffins, pastries, pizza crusts, pizza dough, pretzels, rolls, tortillas, and waffle cones.

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Propyl Paraben is found in packaged baked goods like pastries and tortillas.

Red Dye 3 is found in candy, mostly gummies, cookies, toaster pastries, cereal, and fruit snacks. The additive is also found in Peeps, Hostess Ding Dongs, Dubble Bubble, Brach's Candy Corn, and Jelly Belly.

Titanium Dioxide is also in candy, other sweets, coffee creamers, salad dressings, and sauces.

My gut tells me this will pass, and these additives will be banned. I also feel that this could be for the best. Until then, be aware of these additives in your favorite packaged foods.

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