Last week, a Chicago area lawmaker proposed legislation that would prohibit you from pumping your own gas, this week a democratic lawmaker from Chicago area has proposed banning leaf blowers and wants to fine you $500.00 if you are caught using one in Illinois.

What is going on in Springfield? Is there nothing else to do? Apparently not.

Illinois State Senator Laura Fine (Democrat - Glenview) has proposed legislation that would ban Illinois residents and businesses from using gas-powered leaf blowers.

Illinois Law Proposed to Ban Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Senate Bill 3313 was introduced on Tuesday Feb 11th and it states:

  • Gas-powered leaf blowers are detrimental to the health of the citizens of the State of Illinois and the quality of the environment
  • Two-stroke and four-stroke engines used in gas-powered leaf blowers emit exceedingly high rates of pollutants, including, but not limited to, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and hydrocarbons;
  • The chemical pollutants that gas-powered leaf blowers emit can contribute to smog formation and acid rain
  • Gas-powered leaf blowers generate noise at a decibel level capable of causing hearing loss in a short amount of time;(5) gas-powered leaf blowers send dust and other small particles into the air for considerable distances,
  • Gas-powered leaf blowers send dust and other small particles into the air for considerable distances including, but not limited to, animal feces, trace quantities of heavy metals such as lead, and allergens such as pollen and mold.

...and yes, a $500.00 penalty would apply to those violating the law!

The ban would go into effect on Jan 1, 2022, if passed.

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