Sure you can run with your thoughts, but isn't it a lot better to run with music?

Yes. Yes it is.

When I first started running, the summer after high school, I ran with my friend Bridget and we talked the whole time. I know, you're thinking, Michelle... if you can talk while you're running you aren't trying that hard.

You're right. If you can talk while running you can probably run faster. So I stopped talking and started thinking while running.

For eight maybe ten minutes that's fine, but then my thoughts take over and I get a little nuts. Then finally, one day I started running with music.

It was way better. Like SO much better.

The music makes a difference too, which is why I came up with this list of songs that you should put on your running playlist. Roughly 10-12 of them will be about 30 minutes, which is your average 5K.

Add more if you're still working on the speed, chop a few off the list if you're a speed demon.

  • Walk the Moon,Shut Up and Dance
  • OMI, Cheerleader
  • Andy Grammer, Honey I'm Good
  • Vance Joy, Riptide
  • LMFAO, Party Rock Anthem
  • Taylor Swift, Bad Blood
  • Jason Derulo,Want to Want Me
  • Fifth Harmony, Worth It
  • Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk
  • Meghan Trainor, Lips Are Movin'
  • David Guetta, Hey Mama!
  • Ed Sheeran,  Don't
  • Maroon 5, Animals
  • Pitbull, Fun
  • The Weeknd, Can't Feel My Face

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