The "abandoned" videos always get me, especially when the commentary is so freaking weird. Yes, "buy local" we get it...You want us to purchase EVERYTHING in Rockford FROM Rockford stores. Now let me find that field of oil pumps off of State, or was it Riverside...

This Philips 66 Gas Station on Harrison has been empty for a while, and apparently, we needed to see what it looks like standing all alone. Empty store, chained doors, pumps don't work, weeds growing out of the pavement,'s shut down. Or wait, abandoned.

The commentary is fun, it's overkill, but it makes this video shine. I wonder if there were any Twizzlers left inside? Like I said earlier the video dude is really pushing for "shop local" with this, which I agree with completely...He is very detailed in his explaining things, we get it bro.

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So watch this video and the next time you drive by this Phillips 66 on Harrison, remember that you just got a guided tour and that you should buy local. Or Something, check this out:

Well, there you go! Looks like there's some cups left over in there...Can we give them to Miss Carly?

I hope you enjoyed the tour filled with listeners of that one country radio station in town, can't remember it's name. The Mule or something? Doesn't matter, it will vanish in the new future too.

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