When you hear the name Chucky you know exactly who I'm talking about. That pint-sized, evil red-haired Voodoo doll from hell. When Child's Play came out it really scared me as a kid. A child's doll that came to life and started killing people? After seeing that movie, my teddy bear was shunned to the closet in hopes that it wouldn't happen to me too.

Chucky has definitely stood the test of time with seven movies since 1988. Most people don't know that the original was mostly filmed in Chicago, Illinois.

For the on-location shots in the film, The famous Brewster apartments at Diversey and Pine Grove were where Andy and Karen lived, and the building is even on the film's poster.  Like it, love it or hate it. Chucky has been forever burned in the brain of children in the 80's. The sequels aren't as scary as the first one. It seems the more movies they made the funnier they got.

What's creepy is how they got the name for the serial killer that transferred his spirit into the doll. They took three names from actual serial killers to make it. Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray. That's how they came up with the name Charles Lee Ray who was played by Brad Dourif and he's continued the role ever since.

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