A photo of the Easter Bunny taking a break at a mall is all sorts of wrong but we laughed and now we don't know what to do with lives anymore.

The pic snapped by Jodi Jones of Byron yesterday at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg caught the Easter Bunny relaxing on a bench.

For some odd reason, the Easter Bunny had its legs spread and appears to be straddling a fan.

This Hilarious Woodfield Mall Easter Bunny Photo Is So Wrong It's Almost Right
Jodi Jones Photo

There are one of two things you could be seeing right here.

Either a very sweaty person in a bunny costume is trying to cool down because "Man, it gets hot in these things" or, you might think the fan appears to be something entirely different.

You're one of those two people. We're not telling you what we saw first.

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