We hear a lot about school dress codes in a news, and it's usually some sort of negative coverage, but this time, there's a positive story about an Illinois High School.

Evanston Township High School has been featured on Self Magazine's website for their awesome inclusive dress code.

While their rules don't allow all clothing like shirts that features profanity or violence, they do allow students to wear what they feel most comfortable with, like hoodies and tank tops.

I live in tank tops and hoodies and honestly think I get way more done dressed like that than if I was required to dress more professionally to do my job.

The other really great things is that the dress code doesn't change from person to person.

Especially in high school and especially for girls, getting dressed can be so difficult. Your body gets wear and you don't know what to do. Then you get sent home because your cleavage is labeled too revealing, even though someone else is wearing the same shirt.

It's hard enough being a teen so kudos to Evanston Township for tackling this dress code issue in what seems to be the best way possible.

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