We are currently experiencing the BEST time of the year. Sure it's freezing cold. Everything is covered in snow and ice. All of the plants and trees are dead. Everyone is in a bad mood. But you know what... it's still the best time of the year. Why is that?


So who cares if it's bitterly cold outside? Nothing a row of Thin Mints can't fix. So the results are in and we officially know what cookie each state loves the most.

Drum roll please ....

Credit Influenster Via Fatherly
Credit Influenster Via Fatherly

To no surprise Thin Mints were a clear favorite across the country. Thin Mints were Illinois's favorite. Do I agree? Nope.

My personal favorites are Thanks-a-lots. They used to sell them in Illinois but unfortunately they no longer offer them by me. I literally order them off of Amazon during Girl Scout Cookie season. Now that's what I call commitment. Does that mean I don't have several boxes of each flavor in my pantry right now? Definitely not.

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