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As you start watching your bank account a little closer because of the climbing gas prices, on Rockford gas station is asking you to do a little something extra for approval to pump it.

So you get ready to fuel up, take the gas cap off, select your fuel type and insert the nozzle....and nothing. Wait, I pushed pay inside and there's nothing happening, what gives? Maybe if you do the "running man" or "lock step" or even take a little "moon walk," THEN the gasoline will begin to flow. Check out this hilarious sign:

Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon

The Kelly's Market on Harrison and Mulford wants you to shake your groove thing to obtain gas pumping approval. In a world of don't do this, don't do that...No right turn on red, not an entrance, no photos allowed, no entering without a mask, no one named Double T may enter....Here's a funny and positive sign sure to make you smile.

Of course there will be those that will be offended and possibly want to "cancel" this. I mean, how dare someone encourage you to smile and laugh about something? Some people have all the nerve.

If you do indeed follow the instructions on the window at the Kelly's Market on Harrison and Mulford, we would love to see it! I'm trying to talk Double T into filming a little "dancing at the gas pump video" for all of you and your viewing pleasure, but I'm not having much luck.

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