Rockford residents have known for a long time that there is a widespread crime problem but most of us didn't know exactly how bad.

Some stunning new information from Neighborhood Scout supports a scary and sad reality.

They said "using exclusive data" based on "FBI data from all local law enforcement agencies in America" they outlined the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

This Rockford Neighborhood Is Considered One Of The 'Most Dangerous' In The U.S.

Unfortunately, Rockford landed on the list with the Kishwaukee St / Grove St neighborhood ranking 8th most dangerous in the country.

According to the study, per 1,000 people in that particular Rockford neighborhood, the violent crime rate is at a massive 75.8.

Worse yet, "chances of becoming a victim in Rockford" stand at a whopping 1 in 13.

The study also showed "the Kishwaukee St / Grove St neighborhood has more single mother households than 99.7% of the neighborhoods in the U.S."

Also, the Kishwaukee St /Grove St neighborhood, "has an income lower than 98.8% of U.S. neighborhoods. With 65.6% of the children here below the federal poverty line."

Memphis, Tennessee's East Eh Crump Boulevard and South 4th Street is considered America's most dangerous neighborhood according to the study.

Chances of being a violent crime victim is currently a staggering 1 in 9.

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