You have to admit it, this Rockford restaurant's pizza is so good they could still probably get away with pizza delivery by taxi and we'd all be OK with it.

A flier was shared a few days ago on the popular Facebook page.

It was an old Capri Restaurant & Pizza flier where near the top of it, it says "Delivery Available By Taxi."

According to the post, "Back in 1966, the Capri was open seven days a week until the wee hours of the morning with the exception of Sunday, and you could have a pizza delivered to you by taxi."

is this the very first instance of pizza delivery in Rockford? Before there was such a thing as a guy who would deliver pizza to your doorstep, was there was a taxi driver without a fare waiting to hand off your food?

Who knows for sure, but Capri might have started something over 50 years ago with this idea. UberEATS should probably thank them.

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