If you need an "upscale urban retreat" Rockford is apparently home to one of the best in Illinois.

Who knew, right? Only In Your State's new list, the "13 Little-Know Getaways In Illinois Are Truly Like Nowhere Else You've Ever Stayed" features a home in Rockford that is like none other.

Boasting a "gorgeous exterior" and "close to nightlife, shopping, dining, museums, gardens and more" this home has room for 4 people and features "an outdoor patio, spacious living and dining areas, as well as kitchens" Only In Your State says.

The only problem with the home is that we're not quite sure where it's located. You see, the home is available for rent on AirBNB so without a reservation the exact address won't be revealed.

That said, it looks like the home is north of Auburn Street and east of Main Street on the northwest side of town.

And you know what? Reviews of the place are pretty stellar. Coming in at an affordable $100 per night, Henry said: "I certainly didn't expect to have such an amazing time in such a wonderful host."

Paula said Charles (the host) "was on top of things with communication and even had some grapes and bagels in the fridge."

So where is this place? Have any idea? Tell us!

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