People can't stop talking about this Nationwide Super Bowl commercial that stresses the importance of child safety.

I remember seeing the commercial during the game and watching my Twitter feed explode with emotion and disbelief.  My husband looked at me and said, "did that just happen?

If you missed it, Nationwide sparked controversy with a commercial that featured a young boy who turned out to be dead; he was talking about all the life experiences he’ll never have as a result of falling victim to a “preventable accident.

Watch it now that the game is over and take some time to think about it, it sends a very good message- to protect what's most important to you; but most people thought it was too much of a downer.

What do you think? As upsetting as it might be, if it gets one person's attention and saves one child, it was worth it.

Nationwide has responded to the backlash and you can read their statement here.

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