It's officially puffy coat season. It doesn't matter what age you are, at this point in the year we all walk around looking like marshmallows or the Michelin man. You know who looks extra cute in their puffy coats? Little kids. But those coats could prove to be dangerous when putting them in a car seat.

WTVO details -

Penny Lentz, the Safe Kids of Winnebago County Coalition Coordinator for SwedishAmerican Hospital, warns that coats should be kept off infants when they’re in a car seats. Coats are mostly filled with air, which can give parents a false sense of security when straps feel tight over the coat.

So how do you strap them in properly? Here's how according to SwedishAmerican -

Worried they'll be cold in the car? To keep a baby warm parents can put a blanket or car seat cover over the baby, once they’re safely buckled in.

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