Don't let your dog get too excited though, this is not a dog to dog dating app.

It's kind of amazing we haven't seen an app like this before, isn't it?

AP is reporting that there is a new app making the rounds across the world called GetPet which is basically a Tinder-like app for you to find a new dog.

Dogs that need to be adopted are available in the app and much like a dating app, you swipe right on the dog when you're interested and left on the dog when you're not.

The dog doesn't do any swiping, so I guess you always get a match which is probably an ego boost.

Once you match with your dog, you go on a 'date' to see if it's a fit.

Super cute, right? Unfortunately, the app isn't available in the U.S. yet but app makers out there, get to it! We need to swipe for our animals.

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