Drive-thru lunches are about to get so much better.

A few years ago, Starbucks introduced the 'order ahead' option and it changed my life.

Ok, it changed my life for like a week, and then I started realizing I was ordering way too much Starbucks and had to stop using the option.

But having my drink already made when I get there was amazing!

McDonald's obviously understands how great this idea is and the company is jumping on that 'order ahead' bandwagon.

CNN Tech reports that McDonald's is currently adding the 'order ahead' option to their McDonald's apps.

They're also working on McDonald's delivery. OMG I know.

While there are no specifics on when and where the mobile ordering is coming, the article does mention that the pre-order option will be available at 20,000 different McDonald's locations.

20,000 is a lot, there's legit hope that one (or more) of them are in the Rockford area.

In my experience, the best part about being able to order anything from your phone is if, like me, you're super picky. The restaurant can then read your order and try to make sense of it, instead of listening through the wonderful drive-thru speaker.

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