You might think this iPhone app is just taking up space on your phone, but that's not the case, it could actually save your life.

When Apple started loading phones with 'tips,' 'wallet,' 'stocks,' and 'health' apps, most of us were kind of annoyed.

Ugh, why must these apps sit on my phone, Apple? I don't use them. I don't want them. So I hid them, in a folder called, 'Utilities.'

Then today, I found out that the 'health' app could save your life.

My friend's sister shared this article on her Facebook page today about the 'health' app and a secret in case of emergency section you probably don't know about.

If you're in an emergency and you have the 'Medical ID' card filled out in your 'health' app, anyone can access it without knowing your password, which is excellent news.

I found my 'health' app and in less than three minutes, had it filled out with my blood type, emergency contact and more.

What an awesome discovery!

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