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Still holding on to a solid (or not so solid) COVID ten pounds? Now that the weather is pretty decent on a consistent basis, there are so many great "outdoor" exercise activities.

Going for a bike ride burns calories, and if you take it in stride it's like you're not even trying. The sights and sounds around you as you ride, will take care of the mental and you simply pedal.

Rockford had a pretty amazing layout for some fun bike rides. There are actually so many amazing trails around our area to take a bike ride. I am only going to hit on five of them, but if you are specific as far as length of trail and how close the trail is to you....Use the Google machine to search.

O.K. here are the Top Five Bike Trails in Rockford:

Swanson Park - Nothing like a fantastic review:

"The bike path has lots of turns which my son loves to take at full speed on his bike as well as plenty of wooded areas as well as open spaces. There is lots to explore."

Atwood Mountain Bike Path - 70XX Meadow Song Trail, Rockford This one has something for all types of riders, but if you are "next level" this one is for you.

Sinnissippi Gardens - Remember that whole "sights and sounds" while riding thing? Yep. This place.

Blackhawk Springs - Plenty of trail to ride, as well as some great kids areas.

Aldeen Park - Hilly. You will need your cardio to ne stepped up if you are going to do a full day on these trails.

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