There are leisure hikes, sight-seeing hikes and hikes you go on for a little bit of exercise. This twelve-mile hike is none of those. 

If you've never done much hiking, this hike is not for you... yet. The Godwin Trail is long, it is beautiful, it is challenging and even a bit dangerous. The most popular trail in the Shawnee National Forest is located near Alto Pass, a village in Union County, Illinois.

Perhaps hitting the Godwin Trail is something you should save for after you've done a few others first. The 12.4-mile looped hike will tax your body while you cover all kinds of terrain. For the bulk of your trek, you'll hike through sand, water and forest. Great stories are told by those who've been; they speak of how beautiful the forest and river views are as this hike sits in between the Ohio River and the Mississippi River.

During your hike, you'll also likely encounter a variety of wildlife, both day and night. Turkey vultures, foxes, rabbits, bobcats, skunks, and muskrats are all common sightings along the trail. Some of the danger on this hike comes from the fact that the forest is home to a few species of poisonous snakes.

The Godwin Trail is also a great spot for hiking on horseback. For the epic hike that is Godwin Trail, head to Pine Hills Rd, Wolf Lake, Illinois.

Trail Considered One of the Most Dangerous Hikes in Illinois

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