I traveled all the way to Chicago to film a TikTok of myself eating a chamoy pickle with my sister.  Was it worth it?

My sister called me up the other day and asked if I wanted to be in a TikTok video with her trying some weird food.  I didn't even question it because it sounded fun!

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Little did I know... I was getting myself into a bigger pickle than what I thought.

I Tried A Chamoy Pickle With My Sister & This Is How It Went

If you don't know what a chamoy pickle is,

"A giant pickle stuffed with spicy sweets or crisps, sometimes wrapped in a fruit roll up, and drizzled in hot sauce and chilli powder" [Delish]

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Let me start by saying this: it was a very weird concoction.

With no idea what it was going to taste like, we went for it.  We filled the pickle with all sorts of candy and took a big ol' bite.

Here are our reactions to eating a chamoy pickle for the first time:

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If my sister asked me to do another food taste test video, I'd probably say yes haha.  My only rule is no spicy foods - I don't want my mouth burning where I can't even enjoy the food!

Have you tried the chamoy pickle challenge?  If not, I have an extra pickle my sister sent home with me and I know dang well I'm not eating it.

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