One of the most valued items for music lovers is concert tickets; I personally never really understood the importance of holding on to every ticket stub, considering that you're probably never going to look at them ever again. At least that was the case with a guy I used to be with; they just sat in a box in the basement. But, who knows, maybe I'm secretly jealous because I can count on one hand the amount of real concerts I've been to in my lifetime.

For those of you who do have an amazing; cherished collection of concert tickets- here's a way you can take them out of that box or scrap book and share your memories of that one night you saw Cheap Trick at the BMO (or maybe that Kiss ticket from this past Saturday)...with a door mat.

Talk about a great gift idea. The mats start at $34 and there's three ways to order from Lakeside Camera Photoworks; you can place your order here.

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