Facebook wanted to get in the dating app game, but maybe they should've just bought Tinder.

A few months ago Facebook announced that they were going to dive into the dating app world and add 'Facebook Dating' to their conglomeration.

Last week, the dating portion of the app dropped in the United States so I decided to create a profile and test it out. We're all curious right?

So I thought I wasn't getting any matches and then I realized the app was open for profiles but the matching hadn't started yet.


And my goodness this is the worst dating app I've ever used.

Why? Because you get notified every single time someone is interested in you. And that can be someone ten years younger than you or ten years older than you as long as they have some sort of connection with one of your Facebook friends, or one of your Facebook groups or interests. And it's just boom, boom, boom... one, two three, forty two, and you get a notification bubble for each one.

Most other dating apps don't notify you of anything until you both swipe 'yes,' and that's much easier to take in.

But when it's all coming at you like that, it really is too much. Especially if like me, you also use Facebook for a bunch of work related things. Like chill Facebook Dating.

To make matters even more intense, the notification comes up where all of your notifications come up for Facebook and the second you tap to see what's new, it brings you to the Dating chunk of Facebook and it's so large on the screen, it's like almost impossible to get back to your regular Facebook stuff without accidentally clicking yes on some dude you don't like.

So I canceled my account, it was TOO much. Facebook: just buy Tinder, this dating app is bad.

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