It's all about Physics.

Yep, that class in high school you never understood... filled with straws rockets and torque, which I thought was spelled, 'torq.'

Maybe you understand physics, though obviously I don't. I do, however, love to wear black so I'm excited for this research.

Ok, so this is a very science-y explanation but it's worth.

Basically, heat reflects off of white colors/clothing, so when the sun hits you, the heat goes back toward the sun... but if your body is hot then the heat stays with your body, making you just as hot.

The dark colors work better in specific situations, when it's windy. Then your shirt will absorb the heat from the sun, but also from your body, so your body stays cooler.

I'm not making this up, though my explanation is definitely not super scientific, the full story at ABC 17, and it really does make a lot of sense.

Bonus points for dark clothes, better UV protection.

Now I will go back to wearing all of the black tank tops and tank tops dresses I own.

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