Hold on to that extra spending money, you may need it for other things.

Money is already tight around this time of the year but it could get a whole lot tighter, especially if Illinois gets the expected brutal winter weather.

Gas and utility meter in snow
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A new report shared what should be expected for Nicor customers in Illinois. Residents should be prepared for a substantial increase in their gas utility bill compared to last year.

Nicor and another natural gas delivery company have flat-out warned Illinoisans, "turn up the thermostat and be prepared to pay up."

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Last year Nicor customers paid $455 on average for natural gas, this year it's expected to be closer to $674 during the same time period. Why? Inflation.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, inflation on natural gas and other fuels will come at a cost to homeowners, with some seeing their heating bills increase by as much as 54%.

54% is a lot. That is a significant increase to say the least.


Nicor lists ways to save when it comes to heating your home. Ironically, their tips involve pending money on new energy-efficient appliances or paying a contractor to work on insulating your home.

Here are a few other suggestions.

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Drop the temp just a little and dress for the weather, warm and cozy. Blankets help too.

Air humidifier during work.
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Maintain humidity in your home. Your skin thinks it's colder when it's super dry.

Dirty empty fireplace with firewood
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Try not to use your fireplace, most of the heat escapes through the chimney and it could cause cold air to sneak in through cracks and gaps.

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Also, seal your windows from the inside.

You can read more tips here.

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