Cell phones, we need them, but we hate paying for them. Sprint is trying to ease that paying pain... but it's kind of a secret.

If you're been on Sprint's website lately, you'll see this ad for a year of free unlimited service.

Yeah, you read that right, a full year free... of unlimited service.

The ad features the headline, 'Stop Feeling Ripped-Off by Verizon," and says as long as you switch by June 30, you can score the free year.

Apparently they aren't advertising this deal anywhere except online... but I have a feeling that's all they will need in order to get the word out.

If you are worried this is some sort of scam, you're in luck because CNET checked it out for you. While there is some fee included, the free year is legit.

You'll have to buy a SIM card for like $3, plus shipping, a $30 activation fee and about $5 a month of admin fees, but I mean, that's still really close to free.

I think Sprint wants you to tell your friends. I'm pretty sure you will.

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