There's a pot bust and then there's a DIESEL FUELED indoor pot grow, whoa!


A few Illinois dudes got busted after a lengthy process of trying to get warrants, the proper way to serve and bust this giant operation. When I say GIANT operation, I mean it!


Two different warrants were served, one at a home and one home that had two giant indoor pot grows on property.

Fresh weed on top of money.
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Warrant number one found 35 year old Rhett Baker along with 30 year old David Garibay inside the location along with:

  • 200 pounds of processed/packaged marijuana bud
  • A digital scale
  • Pay and owe sheets 
  • Approximately $150,000 

The second warrant was a rural piece of property owned by Rhett Baker, this is where the magic happened...or something.

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This warrant was the motherload, with these giant diesel fueled grow operations!

  • Two large indoor diesel grows 
  • Several greenhouses
  • Both indoor grows contained growing marijuana
  • Loaded firearm
  • $20,000 in U.S. currency
  •  Total of 5497 marijuana plants 

This was a massive Illinois take down! This thing was fueled by giant diesel tanks, and apparently they really burned through it to keep things trucking...A fifty five gallon drum of used oil was found on the property.

This giant search was a year plus in the making. 18 months prior to this bust, a traffic stop was made that landed the authorities 400 lbs in weed. After tons of work, research and "cop work" they were able to link that 400 to Humboldt County, and the location of the diesel fueled grow houses!

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