There are just some things that you should never do. Yelling "fire" in a crowded place or "bomb" on a plane are two of them. You also shouldn't threaten anyone, let alone put it online for others to see. That's what two Harlem Middle School students found out this weekend according to WREX.

Two Harlem Middle School students have been charged in relation to the post and a third student from a neighboring school district is being questioned. All individuals involved are innocent until proven guilty, but the school did notify parents and students of increased police presence in and around the school.

This is a very valuable lesson and teaching moment. Often time kids are not aware of the effects social media can have on them long term. From pictures to other content, sometimes even a post from years ago can come back and haunt you when it comes to a job interview, getting into college, or even avoiding the social media court of public opinion. Not knowing what the threats were or how serious of a manner it was, I hope the kids involved learn a lesson and can hopefully avoid any criminal charges.


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