As a Chicago Bears fan, I feel compelled to hate Aaron Rodgers.

However, I can't. I just can't. He seems kind of like a cool guy. For example, when he was playing at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament this past weekend.

Nevermind Rodgers is actually a really good golfer, but it's what he did in between shots at the tournament is another reason why he's kind of hard to hate.

That's a pretty great pass, but let's be for real here for a second. That catch by the guy jumping off the boat.

Not only did the unnamed guy go full extension to make the grab, if you watch the video again, you'll notice he tossed his hat right before making the catch. The hat toss was also behind his back.

That throw shows Rodgers is in midseason form in the middle of July. The guy making the catch shows he might be a suitable Jordy Nelson replacement.

That whole video gave me one more reason I can't hate Aaron Rodgers and as a Bears fan, I hate myself more and more each day.

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