When you watch this disturbing video, you may have the same first question I had. How is this deer even alive? The wound on this deer's back is insanely large.

A few months ago, some trail cams set up in some southern Illinois wooded areas caught something straight out of zombie apocalypse movie.

Some sources say that the cameras were set up by an area hunter. As to what he was trying to capture, I can't imagine this crossed his mind.

One of the trail cameras captured a pretty graphic scene, and a scene that seems impossible.

CAUTION: The footage you're about to watch is pretty graphic

A whitetail deer with a very large open wound walked right into the camera's view. When you see the size of this wound you can't help but wonder how it is even possible for the deer to still be walking. Speaking of which, seeing his shoulder blade move is probably the part that almost made me look away.

What caused that insane wound?

  • A flesh-eating disease
  • A nasty infection
  • Another animal
  • A collision with a car

One crazy possibility I read about was that the dear could've gotten caught in some sort of combine.

How this deer seems to be getting around without showing any effects of that wound is just so strange. You'd think a wound like that would've resulted in a quick death.

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