It's 2020. The year we just don't care. We don't care about when it's appropriate to open a cocktail or to decorate for Christmas. So let's talk Holiday Nog. 

Once upon a time I'd never had eggnog before.

That once upon a time actually wasn't that long ago. It was maybe in 2010? Then my uncle introduced me to a concoction he created, Tenogila and it was a game changer. 

It's a specific mix of tequila and eggnog and it is very alcoholic and he's still working on getting Tenogila in stores.

So I was like hmmm.... when I saw the latest holiday product being sold at Walmart, 'Fireball Holiday Nog.'

At first I was like, WHAT!? They store Tenogila. Then I was reminded that mixing alcohol and eggnog it s very historic practice and not very unique.

But then my questions continued because this Fireball Holiday Nog is NOT alcoholic. 

So like what's the point of Fireball being on the box? Is this going to get kids in trouble when they want to be 'cool' and drink it at a party and their parents think it's spiked?

Is it going to make someone angry when they think it's spiked and wonder why they aren't any happier during the holidays?

Either way I'm confused. I'll have to try some soon to understand.

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