Tis the season to snap a selfie in front of a beautiful mural. We found the best new mural in Illinois that you need to visit this summer.

Today might be the right day to say it's officially summer. The sun is back, it's warming up outside and all kids are finally out of school.

It's time to plan your summer road trips and this summer you might want to add 'take the best mural photo,' to your to-do list.

There are plenty of great cities in the Midwest that have murals, but Rockford, Illinois takes the top spot.

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The Rockford murals started popping up in 2019 and have grown so much since then, that this year, CRE8IV says there are more than 30 projects in the Rockford area.

CRE8IV is the group behind the murals. This effort is 100% donor funded and you can apply to be a sculptor and to get a mural on your wall on their website. Applications for 2023 sculptors are closed, but you know this will continue next year, too!

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Speaking of this year... there's one mural that is getting more attention than the rest, the one outside of the Burnham Lofts in downtown Rockford, which is also home to Willow Beauty Center, located at the corner of W. State Street and S. Wyman.

I knew it was magical the minute I saw it and that I had to take a picture in front of it.


What I didn't realize, was that it was going to be the most popular photo I've ever posted on Facebook.

It is really so pretty, isn't it?

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I also didn't realize it was the first mural completed this season, but thanks to the Rockford Area Arts Council for sharing my photo and giving me that backstory.

There are more murals coming this summer, which is one of the most magical things about living in, or visiting Rockford.

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